Saturday, 8 April 2017

How to Setup static IP on Router

    You have an ADSL modem / router gateway.
    You use an ADSL modem upstream of your router.
    Your ISP assigns a fixed IP address that requires manual configuration.

 When a router is connected to an ADSL or cable modem, it is typically assigned an IP address automatically by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

However, with some ISPs, you will need to manually enter a fixed IP address in your router's TCP / IP settings so that you can connect to the Internet.

Make sure you have the following information, which you will normally receive from your ISP:

    Internet IP Address
    Subnet mask
    Default Gateway
    DNS address (domain name server)

To configure your router with a fixed IP address:

1. Open a Web browser and type in the address bar or
2. Connect to the router. Enter the user name "admin". The default password is "password".
3. On the home page, select Internet.
4. On the Internet Configuration screen, select the Use a fixed IP address option, and then select DNS Address (Domain Name Server) and Use of the following DNS Servers.
5. Enter the fixed IP address, subnet mask, and DNS server specified by your ISP.
6 Click Apply to save the settings.

7. To verify that the entire configuration has been successfully registered, click the Advanced tab and verify the information in the Internet Port section.

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